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Solar passive home with separate primary bedroom / guest wing

solar passive house design

This 3×2 solar passive home has minimal heating / cooling bills, and guests can enjoy their own entry.

Can a suburban block really be home to a beautiful solar passive home, with two separate wings? Yep, you betcha.

As featured on Houzz

We consulted with the owners about their priorities and they were:

  • separate wing for children / guests
  • solar passive design, in particular living area
  • clever space-utilising design
  • comfortable deck area that gives inside / outside flow between home and garden

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This 2×2 chalet plan is clever, functional and affordable

2x2 chalet plan margaret river region

This 2×2 chalet plan is perfect for short-stay accommodation.

This chalet plan is the ultimate in functionality for short-stay accommodation — one bedroom can be locked to create a one-bed-one-bath option for the solo / couple travellers, or opened to cater for up to four guests. Its design means it’s also light, bright and affordable.

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Best Granny Flat Design expert in Margaret River — as featured on Houzz

stylish granny flat builder

This granny flat was converted from a rendered brick pergola into a stunning 1×1 retreat. No wonder we are known as the granny flat design expert and builder in the south west.

Who says granny flats have to be boring and pokey? (Not this granny flat design builder in the Margaret River region!)

As featured on Houzz, this stunning 1×1 granny flat was converted from an existing structure in the back yard to a stylish and functional home-away-from-home for the property-owner’s parents… Prepare to be amazed! Read On…