Energy Efficient, Custom-Built Framed Constructions

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Framed Constructions are better…

Leimac Building is an industry leader in modernising building methods in Western Australia. Our framed constructions are:

  • light-weight,
  • energy efficient,
  • custom-built,
  • framed and custom-clad.

If you are thinking of building a new home in Western Australia, forget “double-brick” — framed constructions are simply more cost-effective, energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for Western Australian weather and landscape conditions.


Steel-frame and timber-frame building options are better because:

Super quick to construct

Wood and steel-framed homes are constructed much faster than other types of building methods. As the framework of the home can be assembled in a matter of days, labour costs are minimalised.

More efficient heating and cooling

Frames make it much simpler for contractors to put in air systems and duct work. Fewer parts also result in excellent insulation and air tightness, aided in part by insulated sheathing on the outside.

Strength and durability

Whether you live in a cyclone zone or adjacent to the beach, framed constructions can be built to withstand most forces of nature. As a result these homes have a much longer lifespan than traditional homes.

Aesthetically pleasing

Framed constructions offer builders a wide choice of cladding, from Blueboard, Colorbond, Weatherboard, faux-masonry finishes and more. This means you have countless options for the appearance of your new home.

Adaptable to your climate

Framed homes can be built onto a concrete slab, or for hotter climates that need air-flow under the house, they can be built on poles or a raised floor.


Assembly is much more cost effective compared to brick homes. Furthermore, you will drastically reduce your air conditioning and heating expenditures.

Makes renovations and extension easy

Renovations and add-ons present no problems in steel-framed homes because, (just like timber homes), walls which do not bear loads can be taken out.


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