A 4×2 home in 130m2? Yes, it’s doable, and it’s gorgeous!

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This 4×2 home was designed for a tiny block, but it looks almost palatial.

4×2 home for a 350m2 block? Yes, doable.

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Our brief from the owner was to create a clever space-utilising design with low environmental footprint, Mediterranean style. Oh, and can we squeeze 4 bedrooms in too please? No problem…

Project: 130m2 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home with a low-environmental footprint, Mediterranean style, with short-stay accommodation in mind.

John first approached Gavin Leiper with a concept for a 4×2 home but there were a couple of problems — 

First of all, his block was tiny, and mandatory setbacks were limiting his options.

Secondly, he wanted to retain the existing trees (possum habitats), which meant wrapping the building around them.

Thirdly, he was building in Quindalup — to keep up with the style of the area, he needed something a little bit swish!

With some clever applications of space-saving ideas, this is what we came up with: a 4×2 home that is so clean and stylish in its design it is now a top-performing short-stay accommodation option in Dunsborough.

While the plan can be up-specced and tailored to suit your own situation, features of John’s little 4×2 home include:

  • a tailor-designed galley kitchen (by Character Cabinets),
  • the kitchen includes a scullery,
  • asymmetrical bay window to preserve existing peppy tree,
  • elevated floor system,
  • outdoor shower,
  • 70m2 deck.

Regarding the Mediterranean design, this means there are no eaves, and the square rooftop tucks inside the wall frames to give the appearance that there is no roof. It’s a little trick to make the house look bigger than it is.

The home was completed with Colorbond cladding, and finished with a 70m2 deck to really knock the “usable space” out of the park.

The result is a stunning yet functional 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home with custom kitchen and scullery, with a low environmental footprint.

Want to chat to a 4×2 home builder who’s an expert in the field? Call Gavin on 0428 978 700 to start the conversation, or contact us here.

Built by Leimac | #builtbyleimac
Photos by Pete Battye | Real Images.

4x2 home compact design dunsborough
This 4×2 home in Dunsborough was designed to retain existing trees.
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