Solar passive home with separate primary bedroom / guest wing

solar passive house design

This 3×2 solar passive home has minimal heating / cooling bills, and guests can enjoy their own entry.

Can a suburban block really be home to a beautiful solar passive home, with two separate wings? Yep, you betcha.

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We consulted with the owners about their priorities and they were:

  • separate wing for children / guests
  • solar passive design, in particular living area
  • clever space-utilising design
  • comfortable deck area that gives inside / outside flow between home and garden

Project: 3 bedroom 2 bathroom solar passive home with two wings, .

While the plan can be up-specced and tailored to suit your own situation, features of this 3×2 solar passive design include:

  • solar passive principles mean minimal heating / cooling bills, comfortable consistent temperature and light, and natural air flow / cooling breezes.
  • a tailor-designed kitchen (by Character Cabinets),
  • the kitchen includes a scullery,
  • asymmetrical surveillance window complies with Shire requirements and creates interesting lines,
  • 70m2 deck.

Want to chat to a 3×2 solar passive home builder who’s an expert in the field? Call Gavin on 0428 978 700 to start the conversation, or contact us here.

Built by Leimac | #builtbyleimac
Photos by Lauren Trickett

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