Why the Timber and Steel-Frame Building is a Great Option

Frame Building Works for Western Australia

Wood and metal frame building styles are rapidly increasing in popularity, which is no surprise when you consider their excellent durability and solid construction.

Further, each of these types of building materials present more options for building your home, shed or hangar, and provide far more cladding possibilities than houses made of bricks. 

Each home-owner has a wide choice of cladding, from Blueboard, Colorbond, Weatherboard, faux-masonry finishes, and so on, with which to make their own design impact.

These aren’t the only advantages… wood and steel frame building options present the following merits:

  • Quicker construction time – Wood and steel-framed homes are constructed much faster than other types, since they don’t use as much material in construction. As a result, the framework of the home can be assembled in no time, keeping labour costs at a minimum.
  • More efficient heating and cooling – Since there are fewer parts that go in to assembling the framework, it is much simpler for contractors to put in air systems and duct work. Fewer parts also result in excellent insulation and air tightness, aided in part by insulated sheathing on the outside.
  • Strength and durability – Depending on where you live, the level of protection can be tailored to ensure your home is constructed with superb strength and durability. Whether you live in a cycle zone or adjacent to the beach, they can be built to withstand the most imposing forces of nature. As a result these homes have a much longer lifespan than traditional homes.
  • Adaptable to your climate – Framed homes can be built onto a concrete slab, or for hotter climates that need air-flow under the house, they can be built on poles or a raised floor.
  • Price – Assembly is much more cost effective compared to brick homes. Furthermore, you will drastically reduce your air conditioning and heating expenditures.

Listed below are some benefits unique to steel-framed homes:

  • Metal joists and studs are durable, less heavy, and constructed from top-quality metals.
  • Features of galvanised steel include resistance to rust and rot, and protection against corrosion. This material will not stretch or shrink, fracture, bend or expand with heat. This factor keeps the walls flush to the ground for the duration of their lifespan, which is typically quite long.
  • Steel framework also helps enhance outer aesthetics and keeps doors and windows hung securely.
  • Steel is impenetrable to bugs and will not facilitate mould growth.
  • Steel gives a somewhat more dependable amount of raw material for the construction business.
  • Its cost is not susceptible to deficits in material or price fluctuations of the timber or brick business.
  • Renovations and add-ons present no problems in steel-framed homes because, (just like timber homes), walls which do not bear loads can be taken out.
  • Some of the steel is produced from renewable material and can continue to be recycled.

So if you are thinking of building a new home soon, and have been looking only at double-brick homes, do consider framed homes of timber or steel as an option that is in many ways superior, as well as increasingly preferable for Western Australia conditions.

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