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Granny Flat Seminar: Top 3 Tips

granny flat cowaramup

Our top 3 “take home tips” from our recent Granny Flat Seminar

We were absolutely thrilled to see so many people turn up to get tips and insider knowledge for their own granny flat project, from Leimac Building and our trusted colleagues.

Attendees to our free granny flat seminar asked a lot of questions which helped everyone in the room. Lots of information was shared by the experts, so everyone learned something!

Scroll down to read the top 3 “take home tips” from each of the experts. Read On…

Why the Timber and Steel-Frame Building is a Great Option

Frame Building Works for Western Australia

Wood and metal frame building styles are rapidly increasing in popularity, which is no surprise when you consider their excellent durability and solid construction.

Further, each of these types of building materials present more options for building your home, shed or hangar, and provide far more cladding possibilities than houses made of bricks.  Read On…