Leimac Building outgrows “the Flying Builder”

flying builder gavin leiper

In the past six months Leimac Building has grown from a one-man operation to a four-person team.

Whereas Leimac was established by Gavin Leiper (aka “the Flying Builder”) in 1995, the company’s growth has surpassed the individual and is now a team of proactive, highly qualified, enthusastic professionals. 
Company Director, Gavin Leiper, made the announcement via the company’s Facebook page on 22 September 2014.

“In the past 6 months Leimac Building has grown from a one-man operation to a 4-person team. In line with this growth, we are refining our brand — Leimac is no longer about “the Flying Builder”, and more about our team providing innovative, sustainable constructions for our awesome clients.”

A fully-fledged company is born…


“When we have such a great team working side-by-side towards a common goal, it is only natural that the brand should evolve with this momentum,” he said.

“I just love going to the office each day and seeing my staff as excited about our projects as I am.”

Leimac Building was established in 1995 by Gavin, who went on to build more than 350 houses under the Leimac banner.

“The Leimac name is so good that word-of-mouth referrals meant I could no longer do it on my own,” he commented.

“With each new project that landed in my in-box, it became more and more obvious that I needed a team to support me. I’m absolutely rapt with the people I have around me now. They are 100 percent spot-on in supporting me and keeping the integrity of the Leimac Building name.”

Mark Leavesley has been with the company since late 2013, and came on board as Client Liaison. Hitting the ground running, he could see the company’s potential from early on.

“Gavin has been doing this so long he wasn’t used to delegating,” he said. “But I’m pretty good at getting what I want, so bit by bit I showed him I know my stuff, and bit by bit, he handed more and more responsibility over.”

Mark is now Business Development Manager for the company, overseeing such tasks as managing sales leads, project management of each job, and working alongside Bella Stokes-Hughes (estimating and scheduling) and Rebecca Ritchie (office manager and accounts).

Bella comes from an impressive background of design, project management, contract compliance and scheduling.

“She also know how to handle tradies,” laughed Mark. “She’s straight down the line with them so they never miss a deadline, and always keep their work immaculate.”

Rebecca is studying for a degree in Economics, and intends to major in urban planning.

“She’s got a fantastic handle on workflow, systems and procedures, big-picture vision and detail management,” said Mark.

After 20 years of going solo, Gavin is proud of the direction Leimac Building is heading in.

“I’ve always been happy to use my plane to fly to building sites all over Western Australia, but now, I’m even happier,” he said.

“I still intend to be the ‘Flying Builder’ on a personal level, and visit each and every site no matter where it is in Western Australia. But now I have a team behind me that can do all the office work, planning and monitoring for me while I get to meet our awesome clients face-to-face on their own patch of land.”

In his own words at the end of the video produced by Margaret River Chamber of Commerce and Industries, it’s “pretty cool, hey?!”

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