Extensions And Conversions

Need a House Extension?

As families grow, so does your need to create space in your home — this is where a house extension could solve any space or functionality issues that come with a growing family.

Similarly, you might decide to work-from-home and therefore need a home office built.

Or, your in-laws announce they’re coming to stay, so an extra self-contained room out back (waaaaay out back?) is a way to stay sane.

Another reason for a house extension — your kids are grown up, but come and visit with the grandies. Where to put all their toys and keep them out from underfoot? A new games room might be an option for you here.

The team at Leimac Building takes into consideration the current design of the home, and will help design an extension to complement it, and enhance your quality of living.

Or a Shed Conversion?

We are approached by a lot of farmers and land owners who have an old shed on the property that they’d like to bring back to life.

Most recently we completed a dairy shed conversion to create the Beer Farm in Metricup. Our brief was to retain the rustic feeling of the shed, while making it a watertight and comfortable space.

house Extention and shed conversion

If you have a shed on your property that you’d like converted and modernised, do get in touch. You’d be surprised what can be achieved with a basic structure already in place!

If the answer is yes, call Leimac Building!

Call Gavin on 0428 97 87 00 to work out ways to convert your old wheat silo, dairy shed, garage, or even an old concrete water tank.

Check out what this couple did with an old garage wall! –>

luxury granny flat
This 1×1 granny flat was constructed using the bones of the old garage as a starting point.

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